Thankfully, the man was quick and saved his daughter from being taken by the kidnapper.
Today, many women, children, and even men are being taken away against their will by criminals—either to be sold, abused, or even killed. In some parts of the world, some children are even sold and thrown into prostitution at an early age. Yes, our world can be a scary place.
Parents are always advised to be vigilant when going out with their children. Having adults accompanying them can never be an assurance that criminals will stay away. As a matter of fact, many criminals don’t care if there are others get involved and hurt in the process of putting their crimes into action.
However, this dad was very determined to protect his daughter.
In a CCTV footage believed to have been taken in a marketplace in Jiamusi City, China, a criminal grabs a little girl in an attempt to kidnap her. The child’s father refused to let go of his daughter and engaged in a tug-of-war with the kidnapper.
The dad then gave the kidnapper a powerful kick to the groin, which almost sent the latter tumbling. A few moments later, the kidnapper realized he was no match for the child’s dad and run away before anyone could call the police.
According to stall owners and vendors in the market, the kidnapper had been spotted lurking around the area in the past few days. Other witnesses also claim this wasn’t the first time the same man attempted to kidnap a child.


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