Apparently, the school will be having an ‘anniversary event’ the next day, and thought that the dogs would be a nuisance.
For many animal-lovers, animal cruelty and torture in China has always been devastating news. We’ve seen dogs and cats being skinned alive before being eaten, while live turtles and fishes are kept inside small plastic containers and sold as necklaces. However, there are many Chinese citizens who love animals as well. As a matter of fact, there have been news of people buying dogs that are about to be butchered to save them.
A woman called Aunt Zhao has been taking care of several dogs, being the compassionate person she was. But she was devastated when she woke up one day and saw that all of dogs, including puppies, were all dying.
They have been poisoned.

Apparently, nearby school Harbin Sport University ordered their security to poison Aunt Zhao’s dogs and pups because they were going to have an ‘important’ event the following day. It was the school’s anniversary, and the school thought the dogs would be a nuisance to guests.
Aunt Zhao could only cry in vain as he dogs lie dying, with some already dead. She wrapped them up in pink towels before burying them.
They were obviously like family to her. Unfortunately, she couldn’t do anything in avenging her dogs’ lives as China doesn’t have any laws against animal cruelty.
Online coverage has led to hundreds of petitions being set up by netizens calling for the Chinese to desist from animal cruelty, but unfortunately, these are not going to change anything that’s happening on the ground. The truth is that a large majority of the Chinese population also deplore what’s going on, with polls showing that around 90% support anti-cruelty legislation. China currently has no animal-welfare laws.



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