1. Egg white mask
This is one of the best blackhead DIY masks. Prepare an egg white mask and apply it on your nose. Egg white benefits on cleaning the pores of your skin due to the presence of enzymes in it.
2. Green tea
If you are having a hard time to get rid of blackheads then you should try green tea. The high amount of antioxidants present in green tea helps in eliminating blackheads. Along with this, it also helps you to prevent from ageing.
3. Honey face wash
Honey is one of the best blackhead cures if used properly. The antiseptic anti-microbial properties of honey kill the bacteria. It also pulls the dirt out and removes blackheads along with moisturizing your skin properly.
4. Remove makeup before you sleep
Not removing makeup before hitting the bed is an open invitation to blackheads around nose. You should use baby oil for removing makeup. it makes your skin soft and don’t let the dirt to enter in your skin.
5. Steam it out
One of the effective tricks to eliminate blackheads on nose is steaming. Steaming makes your pores to open. It becomes lot easier to take out blackheads when your skin pores are open.
6. Use toothpaste
Another valuable weapon against blackhead is toothpaste. The splash of mint present in toothpaste makes it a great blackheads removal tool.
7. Use lemon juice in face mask
If you really want to remove blackheads then make lemon juice a part of your face mask. Lemon juice works as a natural astringent due to the presence of citric acid in it. It helps in removing blackheads and also prevents their further formation.
8. Keep your face clean
The last but the most important technique to get rid of blackheads is proper cleaning. Always try to keep your face oil free and moisturized. Use a DIY blackhead removal mask once a week to take care of your sensitive skin.


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