Parents who send their children off to school each day are putting a great deal of trust in the teachers and administrators who are responsible for keeping their little ones safe and providing them with the proper learning environment. While the school bus driver does not always receive the appreciation that they deserve, this driver’s ability to act quickly during a crisis is certainly commendable.
Emergency situations tend to unfold before we’ve even had a chance to get our bearings and this can cause our reaction times to become severely delayed. This bus driver was bringing all of the children to school in the same manner that they would on any other day when disaster decided to strike. One of the children on the bus had swallowed a coin and was struggling to breathe as a result.
A friend of the child alerted the bus driver to the situation and he sprung into action immediately. He began to give the child the necessary abdominal thrusts to dislodge the coin from the blocked airway. Within a few moments, the coin was removed and disaster was averted. Once the coin was removed, the driver consoled the child and warned them of the dangers of placing coins in your mouth.
If not for the bus driver’s fast thinking, this child may not have lived to tell the story. A bus driver has a very difficult job as is, what with all of the dangers that the open road has to offer and the unique challenge of making sure that a group of sometimes rowdy children remains well behaved. This happens to be a very low paying gig as well.
The people who are responsible for transporting our children to and from school each day deserve all of the kudos in the world for the sacrifice that they make each day. They play a crucial role in the safety of our little ones and without their assistance in the learning experience, childhood education would never be the same. Please take a moment to thank your child’s bus driver as soon as possible.
After all, these are the truly unsung heroes of the educational experience. We need to come together to provide them with the necessary praise that they truly deserve and it all starts by sharing this amazing video of a dedicated bus driver caught in the midst of a very heroic act.


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