That performance was beautiful!
Many of us get emotional during a wedding. Seeing your friend walking down the aisle towards the person they want to be with for the rest of their lives is truly a touching moment to witness. Surprises never fail to make the bride and groom emotional too, especially when it involves their family and loved ones. In this wedding, a mom was touched as her 12-year-old daughter performed a dance with her disabled younger sister.
The mother-and-son dance just finished, and he bride, Shellie Lopes Boulanger, was already emotional and happy. But when she least expected it, her family had another surprise prepared. The DJ announced that “there was still one special dance left.”

That was when her 12-year-old daughter, Angelina, wheeled her 8-year-old disabled sister, Aubrey, onto the dance floor. Clad in a white and gold leotard with a flowing white sash, she performed a beautifully choreographed dance together with her younger sister who was suffering from muscular atrophy.
Their mom was shocked and honored by their precious routine. “We were all completely blown away by this dance,” she said.


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