Hugh Hefner clearly made a name for himself, whether people think he was good or bad. He was in the limelight for a long time, so naturally there are a lot of things people wouldn't know about him. Well, I've gathered a few of those facts here for you!
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1. Though he had dozens of girlfriends, Hugh was married to three different women, and has four children between them.

2. Hugh grew up in a strict Methodist house.

3. He holds the Guinness World Record for the longest-serving Editor-in-Chief of a magazine.

4. According to Holly Madison, Hugh gave each of his girlfriends a $1,000 weekly allowance, and they would line up in his room in the morning when they were living with him.

5. Hugh was born in the mid-20s.

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6. While Hugh was away in the army, his wife cheated on him. He's said that it was "the most devastating moment of [his] life.”

7. In 2010, Hugh donated about $900,000 to prevent the Hollywood sign from being demolished.

8. In her book, Holly Madison says that Hugh was fervently against drugs, banning them from the house and firing any girl that was was on them.

9. The Playboy Mansion is one of the few private residences in the US to have a zoo license.

10. Hugh is the 9th cousin to President George Bush.

11. Madison says that Hugh personally interviews every single "Girl of the Month."

12. Hugh estimates that he has slept with over 2,000 women.

13.  In 1985, he suffered a mild stroke.

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14. He has a genius IQ of 152.

15. He once said, "It’s the perfect combination of work and play that keeps you young."

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