Many women all over the world chose to terminate their pregnancy because of different reasons, but most of them don’t know all the details about abortion.  This disturbing video reveals far less known details of this procedure.
What happens to the baby and the mother during this procedure is explained in the animated video by Anthony Levantino, a gynecologist who performed 1,200 abortions in his career.
This is a disturbing snapshot of a pregnancy that was terminated  when the baby was in the twentieth week of palm-sized adult.
The organization “ Live Action” advocates for a ban on abortion.
What happens during an abortion is little known fact among the population. The representatives of these organizations explain that those who advocate abortion use euphemisms such as the product of conception, pregnancy termination etc.
A recent survey revealed that in America, as many as 81% of Americans limited the procedure of abortion to the first trimester of the pregnancy, as some form of restrictions on abortion.

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