She came home to mend things with her boyfriend, but what she discovered broke her heart—twice.
They say best friends are siblings from another mother. As a matter of fact, many of us treat our best friends better than our own siblings. We often share secrets and many things that we never disclose or share with other people. However, ‘sharing’ things has a limit, especially when it comes to people.
Veronica Jhane was in a 7-year-relationship with her boyfriend/fiancée, and even had a daughter with him. Things were going smoothly, and planning for a bigger family was in sight. To secure their future, Veronica’s boyfriend decided to work abroad, with the help of Veronica’s grandfather. While working in Qatar, he was in a long distance relationship with Veronica. Like many LDRs, they had small fights and misunderstandings, but were soon mended.

In able to earn more money and help her boyfriend, Veronica decided to go to Dubai and work as well. However, their relationship took a turn for the worst. They started getting into fights that will soon lead to a possible break-up. To mend things, Veronica decided to go home to the Philippines. But what she discovered broke her heart—twice.

Her boyfriend refused to fix things despite having a daughter with her—and the reason was he was in a relationship with Veronica’s best friend of 12 years, Camille.
She then discovered a series of heartbreaking facts that will soon lead her to sharing her story on social media. Apparently, her boyfriend would even bring their daughter to his dates with Camille.
Camille was their daughter’s godmother, and having her in their home was as common as family get-togethers. Veronica never knew something was going on between them—especially when Camille just got engaged a few months before the discovery.



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