Her sister was too scared to say anything, as he boyfriend even threatened to kill her.
Thousands of domestic violence cases are seen in a daily basis wherein women are raped, hurt and even killed at times. The sad thing is that these women believe that the violence will stop sometime, and that they are still in-love. This young girl was in a relationship with her boyfriend for years, but it took some time for her to realize that they aren’t meant to be.

Arguments and fights between couples is a common thing. As a matter of fact, some say a relationship without an argument is not a relationship at all. But these fights should never involve violence, as it is never the answer to any argument. Though the reason behind the beating in this Facebook post wasn’t clear, the boyfriend was definitely wrong no matter how we look at it.
Facebook user Anthony Hitomo took his anger to Facebook as he warns his sister’s boyfriend, who allegedly beat her up. As seen in the photos, the young girl had cuts and bruises all over her body. Anthony also claims that they still couldn’t talk to her as she was too scared to say anything.
The only thing the young girl could say was that her boyfriend threatened to kill her. There hasn’t been any updates regarding the whereabouts of the assailant, or if he was reported to the police by the girl’s family.



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