These sex positions are guaranteed to make the most of what you got for maximum pleasure.

1. Doggy Style

Doggy Style is one of the go-to-orgasm moves out there – great for your guy and for your G-spot.
Sexpert Nicci Talbot raves of the benefits of this position for the smaller stud.
“It gives him a feeling of control and she can bend forward onto her elbows/forearms and squeeze her legs together to shorten the vaginal canal and make penetration deeper.
It will also help if your pelvic floor muscles are strong, as you’ll be able to grip him tightly to heighten the sensation for both,” she says.

2. The Hound

It might look like only a slight variation on doggy style but believe us, arching your back makes a hell of a difference.
For the Hound sex position you’re still on all fours but this time you have to lower yourself onto your forearms and really push back into your partner as he enters you from behind.
An added bonus to this position is that he can reach round and caress your breasts as he does the deed behind you.

3. The Fan

We highly recommend getting props involved in sex, and when your guy isn’t gigantic they can be incredibly handy to help you get into the prime positions for orgasmic penetration.
Here he enters you from behind and controls the movement, caressing her clitoris and breasts with his hands.
As your pelvis is slightly tilted you’ll be able to feel the benefits of his extra deep penetration, perfect for stimulating the front walls of the vagina and G spot.

4. The Magic Mountain

In the same way, pillows make excellent props for this position.
Kneel in front of the pillows and lean forward over it, he kneels behind you, with his legs on the outside of yours as he leans over you and penetrates from behind.
For an extra tight feeling squeeze your thighs together as he thrusts into you. His bodyweight on yours will also intensify everything you feel.

5. The Sphinx

For the sphinx position lie on your stomach with your weight on your forearms with one leg outstretched behind and the other bent out to the side. Your partner will then be slightly on top of you, weight on his arms, entering you from behind.
The pressure of his body on your pelvis creates extra pleasure for you whilst enabling him to feel very deep inside you.

6. Reverse Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl is arguably one of the best sex positions out there. The guy lies on his back as you sit on top of him, facing the opposite direction.
Award Winning Sexpert Rachael McCoy says: “By using firm grinding motions with your pelvis, forward and back, you will be getting loads of clitoral stimulation which will help you reach orgasm.
Plus his balls will be getting some action too!”
You can also try some variations of this classic position with minimal effort. “When it’s time to pick up the pace the woman can swap from her knees to her feet so she’s in a squatting position and the man can support her bum and thighs as she’s bouncing away.”

7. The X Rated

Extend your legs in this position for extra deep penetration and extra clitoral contact.
If nothing else, this will be a great angle for him – so let him enjoy himself!

8. The Curled Angel

More exciting than you might think, the Curled Angel – or Sexy Spoon – is a great position for more than one reason.
It allows you and your partner to be really intimate but also allows for intense stimulation.
Nicci says: “One of my exes was quite petite and preferred sex in this position as it narrows the vaginal canal so it felt like he was filling more of me and he didn’t slip out. Tried and tested!”

9. The Nirvana

A little twist on the traditional missionary position, the Nirvana introduces you to some intense sexy moves.
Nicci says: “This enables you to grip him and hold him tight as well as making the vagina feel tighter for him – it will feel like he’s filling you completely. He can also use his hands or the top of his pubic area to rub against her clitoris.”
Plus you’ll both be free for kissing – great from every way you look at it!

10. The Slide

This position might not be the most imaginative but you’ll be surprised at how tight you feel around him.
The man lies on his back, the woman lies on top with her legs together. While he penetrates her she begins to rub up and down his body.

11. The Splitting Bamboo

For this position lie down on your back and lift up your leg. Let your man straddle you and sit across your thighs, lifting the other leg onto his shoulder.
Lifting your leg up allows him to get right in there and the extra pressure of him pinning you down will drive you wild.
Rachael says: “It’s a great position for full on contact. The more support and higher up he can hold your leg the deeper he will be able to penetrate.”
Your hands will be free so if you want you can give yourself an extra treat or even stroke his shaft or balls as he enters you – your choice!

12. The Butterfly

With a small penis, getting the angle right for penetration is key. By tilting your pelvis up like this, you allow him deeper entry and easy-access to your G-spot.
It’s ok to be easy sometimes! So find yourself a work surface or table, hitch yourself on top, lie back with your bum on the edge.
Then let him stand in front of you, lift your bum up towards his key area and enter you whilst you rest your legs on his shoulders.
Nicci says: “Close your thighs tightly while he thrusts – this enables deeper penetration as the vaginal canal will be shorter, making him feel bigger inside you.”

13. The Eagle

Again this position is all for penetration purposes. Your guy sits on his knees legs spread, in front of you. You then lie on your back, legs in the air and wide apart.
This position really allows you to relax whilst he holds your legs up and apart varying the speed and depth of his thrusts.
What’s a key ingredient to orgasm if you find it difficult? Yes you’re right, relaxation!

14. The Crossed Keys

We’re mixing it up again, this is basically the Eagle but on a table, with a little something extra. In the Crossed Keys sex position you lie as you would for the Eagle, but on top of a raised surface with your bum on the edge and your legs crossed instead of splayed.
Your partner stands in front of you and uses his hands to cross and uncross your legs while penetrating you.

15. The Hero

The Hero uses the same principles. By tilting your pelvis your guy will be able to penetrate deeper – meaning hopefully you’ll be able to get that earth-shattering orgasm.
Lie on your back with your man kneeling in front of you. Bend your legs in the air and have him press down on your thighs as he enters you. The extra pressure will, you’ve guessed it, double the pleasure.

16. The Dolphin

If you and your man feel like taking it a little further then The Dolphin is the position for you!
Start by making a bridge like position by pushing your thighs and hips towards the ceiling while supporting yourself from your shoulders.
Slot your man in between your knees while he stays in a kneeling position holding your hips off the ground.
This position is perfect for long, sensual penetration, massaging your G spot and vaginal wall.

17. The Deckchair

This position is all about the penetration.
Get your guy to support himself by leaning back on his hands while sitting legs outstretched in the Deckchair sex position. You then lie back on a pillow facing him and pop your feet up onto his shoulders – for an extra deep feeling move the pillow to under your hips.
Then you can control the depth and speed of penetration as you move yourself up and down his shaft.

18. The Reclining Lotus

With a beautiful name comes a beautiful feeling, the Reclining Lotus position is a move set to guarantee orgasm.
By hitching your legs up and positioning your feet on his hips you shorten the vaginal canal allowing him prime access to your play zone.
The friction of you both going at it will also ramp up your clitoral pleasure whilst you’re both free to make out with each other – win, win, triple win.

19. Bandoleer

Step it up a notch with the Bandoleer – your G spot will be getting all the attention it needs.
Lie on your back with your knees up towards your chest with your man kneeling and facing you so you can put your feet on his chest.
Make him lean forwards and place his forearms on your knees while you reach down to grip his thighs. You can make penetration deeper by pulling him closer – we recommend you do!
As an extra treat make your man press your knees down to increase the G spot action as he thrusts.

20. The Snail

One of our tried and tested faves – the snail is a sure-fire way to get you going.
Lying flat, pull your knees into your chest and throw your feet over the shoulders of your partner.
He then kneels in front of you and enters you, taking his weight on his hands on either side of your shoulders.
You get the added benefit of seeing how much your partner likes that deep feeling while he gets to see the exact same reaction from you – everyone’s happy.
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