The voice actor who promotes "The Walking Dead" on AMC died July 8 in a skydiving accident in Houston.

Randy Schell, who was also an experienced and licensed skydiver, was on a jump with Skydive Spaceland Houston, according to KHOU. During the jump, he was able to deploy his parachute, but collided with another skydiver. The force of the collision caused Schell's parachute to collapse and he subsequently fell to his death.
Both jumpers were experienced skydivers and were able to successfully complete a dive earlier that day.
Close friend and fellow skydiver Chuck Akers witnessed the collision, saying that it "was the equivalent of stepping off the curb and not seeing the bus coming."
Akers himself is a radio personality on Texas station KTHT and is also on the board of directors of the United States Parachute Association. He explained to KHOU exactly how the collision occurred:
At the end of the skydive, when you’re skydiving in groups, we all have to get away from each other so we can deploy our parachutes without colliding with one another. These are gliding parachutes, so the moment they open they begin moving forward, like they’re designed to do. Randy and another jumper on the other load, by sheer chance, opened fairly close together. Randy had what is called an off heading opening, meaning the parachute didn’t open facing forward. It opened, unfortunately, facing the other jumper.
The other diver, who has yet to be identified, was treated for a leg injury. The relationship between Schell and the other skydiver remains unclear.
Schell had worked as a voiceover actor for more than 25 years, according to The Associated Press. Many knew him for voicing the commercials for AMC's "The Walking Dead," as well as for other companies, including Nike, Coca-Cola, and Geico.
His longtime agent, Jenny Bosby, called Schell a "generous, spirited man" who acted as a mentor to many in the voiceover community. 
"He had a golden voice, he knew what to do with it," she told KHOU. "He was a constant professional. Everyone loved working with him. He was also a brilliant producer and engineer. He was a great friend, a great man and a great client."
Akers called Schell "probably one of the most unfamous, famous guys on the planet."
"You only had to hear his voice one time to know exactly who Randy Schell was," Akers added.


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