As a woman, living up to society’s beauty standards can be hard. You can’t be too thin but you can’t be too fat, either.  Everyone wants a flawless, smooth canvas so that maybe they don’t have to wear makeup. We’re advised to buy anti-ageing products before we even hit twenty for ‘prevention’ reasons, and worse yet is diet culture.

So, imagine being born with a disease that causes your skin to sag even before you hit the age of 30 and how devastating that might be in today’s world. Sara Geurts knows exactly what that feels like. The disease is called Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Geurts has one of the rarest forms ever diagnosed. There are only eight cases like Geurts discovered worldwide.
Ehlers-Danlos is essentially a connective tissue disorder that causes a defect in the cellular makeup of the skin’s collagen. Collagen allows the skin to have elasticity and essentially “bounce back” into shape. As we get older, our collagen gets weaker and that’s when wrinkles form. For those with Ehlers-Danlos, their collagen is already rapidly declining. 
Geurts hopes that by showing herself off to the world, she can help others feel more confident in the body in which they were born with.  Her goal is to become the “face” of the disease and hope that others who have gone undiagnosed can get a medical confirmation and work their way toward acceptance.

Geurts found herself on this modeling path after the Instagram page ‘LoveYourLines’ shared her story and asked her to model for them. The campaign was about empowering women who had ‘unconventional’ scars, stretchmarks, wrinkles, etc. that would be considered unattractive.

After finding her community and receiving so much love and support from other people who thought she was beautiful, Geurts thought that there was a lot of good she could do with her disease. The 26-year-old explains that throughout high school she felt as if she was living a lie, but now she wants to be open about everything regarding her disease.
Now that we’re finally diversifying the modeling game, why shouldn’t we add yet another beautiful face like Sara Geurts’? Watch the video of her amazing journey below!



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