There are moments in life that give you goosebumps. Moments that take your breath away because the energy that’s flowing is so palpable. This is most certainly one of those moments catching the attention of a popular rock band.
It all happened when 65,000 people gathered at Hyde Park in London to see the multi-platinum rock band Green Day perform. They thought Green Day was the headliner that night but they were completely wrong.

The tens of thousands of people in attendance had no idea that they would end up being stars of the show that night.

The concert hadn’t even begun, and there was about to a separate performance that stole the entire show. Even the performers weren’t aware that they were going to be a part of something extraordinary.

The enormous audience was getting antsy waiting for the band; crammed in an outdoor park with thousands of other people. The crowd decided to entertain themselves by belting out a very familiar tune.

It’s unsure who initiated the impromptu performance, but 65,000 began singing Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” in unison. Every attendee chiming in.

The quality of the performance is absolutely mind-blowing. It sounded as if the tens of thousands of revelers had been practicing for weeks. The power of music can be felt through your screen as you watch them belt it out.
The song was 40 years old, but it was clearly a timeless masterpiece to these music fans. This is made obvious as everyone in the crowd doesn’t miss one word. It’s incredible to think that a song can touch so many lives and provide such common ground amongst so many people.

Green Day was listening to and watching the audience’s performance. they too were completely blown away. They filmed the entire thing.

The band uploaded the video on YouTube, and it immediately went viral. People couldn’t believe how amazing this random sing-a-long session sounded. It was enough to give you chills down your spine.
The comments that are being left on the Green Day YouTube channel prove just how powerful this special moment was. People are left stunned when they hear the haunting unity behind the words.

It’s something that has to be seen to truly understand the impact that it has for just a few moments, everyone came together as friends. It is beautiful.

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Source: Green Day/YouTube


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