Criminals are rarely ever given a spot of mercy from the people. In some cases, they are pardoned for crimes such as assault and theft. However, in crimes such as murder, the criminal is rarely given any quarter. Such a case occurred in Providence, Rhode Island.

Murder is a crime punishable by life in prison or some cases death.

Esteban Carpio was formerly a barber who then found himself involved with pimping and drug trafficking.

James L. Allen was 52 years old and was a 27-year veteran of the police force in Providence, Rhode Island. His loss affected many people including the mayor of Providence David Cicilline said “Jimmy Allen passed in the noblest way possible. He gave his life trying to make our lives safer. He died a hero.”

It is a portrait of James Allen, his wife, and his daughter. His wife said it took her nine years to process her husband’s death finally.

Caprio was initially arrested for being a suspect in a stabbing involving an old woman. Once in the interrogation room, a mistake was made as Caprio was not handcuffed.

During the interview, Caprio asked for a glass of water. Allen’s partner left the room with only the two of them inside. Caprio somehow got a hold of James Allen’s gun, shot him two times, and then jumped from a three-story building in an attempt to escape. Law enforcement officials caught Caprio 45 minutes later.

In court, Caprio was brought in wearing a facemask, as security officials claimed it was necessary to avoid him spitting on or biting those around him.

The day after his arrest Caprio appeared in front of the court with a mask on but seemed to have been severely beaten, with his eyes red and his face completely swollen. His family complained that this was a case of police brutality. The Providence Police Department claimed that his injuries occurred due to his three-story fall and tussles with police officers during the arrest.

Detective Christopher Zarella, one of the arresting officers, claimed he hit Caprio three times while arresting Caprio. The conclusion of the case against the Providence Police Department made it evident that excessive force was not used in the arrest of Esteban Caprio.

In an attempt to get free, Caprio pleaded insanity, claiming he was out of his control. His mother also claimed that an ambulance was called for him several weeks ago due to a similar case of insanity.
The court rejected his plea and sentenced Caprio to life in prison without parole for the murder of a police officer.



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