Internet images of an enormous carcass that washed up on the shore of an Indonesian island is captivating people across the world.
The Jakarta Globe calls the massive, rotting body a giant squid, and reports that a resident of Seram Island discovered the 49-foot long dead creature on Tuesday.
However, numerous social media users are debating the identity of the creature. Some speculate it could be a whale, pointing to what appears to be a spine and something that looks like baleen, a material found in the mouths of whales that filter-feed on plankton and fish.

Footage from the scene shows the decaying body turning the water around it a deep red.

Locals have asked the government to come and help them remove the body, the Globe reports.
In the meantime, we’ll leave you with an apt tweet about this real-life Kraken.

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a giant
dead thing
is decomposing off the coast of the indonesian island of seram

and nobody



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