It’s been a hot trend for a while now. Full, luscious lips. People have used injections and some really weird tricks to achieve those pouty-looking lips.

Well in Asia, they have come up with a new lip trend, and it’s the complete opposite of the above.
Yes, lip reduction!

Apparently there is a procedure that takes skin from the top lip and removes it, in order to achieve a more thin lip look. The so-called “cupid’s bow” which is that bow-shaped curve in the middle of upper lip, is supposed to stand out more with this procedure. It only takes 15-30 minutes to do the procedure under a local anesthetic.

Stitches are then taken out after a week. Swelling will go down, and patients can enjoy their new thin lips.
Funny how a trend in one culture is found to be more aesthetically displeasing in another culture. Of course it’s crazy the lengths both culture’s will go to achieve their definition of beauty.
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