Mom Comes Home To Find Giant Blisters All Over Baby's Feet. That's When She Discovers Babysitter's Dark Secret.
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There has been an arrest made for an individual that allegedly burned the feet of a baby. The person arrested was the babysitter.
It’s another case of babysitter abuse, and this one is horrific to say the least. This time it took place in Maryland, and it involved a baby, a burning frying pan, and one sick babysitter.
The individual arrested was 36-year-old Ismelda Ramos Mendoza of Bladensburg. She was taken in and will face child abuse charges.
So what did she do? It’s hard to imagine an actual human being doing this to a defenseless baby, but Mendoza is indeed being accused of taking the 6-month-old baby girl and burning her feet.
Here’s how it all went down. The babysitter was apparently making tortillas in a hot frying pan. The baby was crying and the sitter became frustrated. So what did she do to try and make the baby to stop it’s crying? She allegedly stuck the baby’s feet right in the burning pan.
Naturally when the mother came home, she asked the babysitter what in the world happened to her baby’s feet. Mendoza played stupid, saying that she simply did not know what happened.
The mother wasn’t buying it for a second. She called 911 immediately and reported what she believed was abuse by the babysitter.
The baby was rushed to the hospital where her second-degree burns all over her little feet could be treated.
Very disturbing behavior and the responses around the world range from absolute disgust to simply not understanding how in the world anyone could do such a thing to a little baby. Babysitters after all, are supposed to be trusted individuals that love taking care of babies and children. You could almost understand a babysitter getting distracted or doing something by accident that could cause a negative situation to occur. But a babysitter who actually goes out of their way to inflict extreme pain on a little baby is beyond comprehension.
Why anyone believes that inflicting pain on a baby will force the baby to stop crying is also hard to figure out. Naturally more pain is going to cause more crying. It seems the only way to understand any of this is to realize that there are simply sick individuals out there that should not be anywhere near children, let alone actually caring for them.
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