Bad or inconsiderate parking is a problem that plagues many motorists, and these two sought to teach one man a lesson when he took up two spaces in a parking lot.
Video footage from The Rough Jeep shows a bit of vigilante justice being served in a car park outside electronics store Best Buy, thought to have been filmed in Oregon. The two Jeep drivers spot a red Mercedes parked in a slapdash way across two parking spaces.
Despite there being a wealth of other spots available in the car park, the drivers decide to teach the Mercedes motorist a lesson by blocking him in. Ignoring the white lines themselves, they reverse in next to him, making it impossible for him to open his doors.
As the pair of pranksters leave their vehicles, the cameraman remarks ‘let’s go wait for the guy to come back’ and they hide in bushes to wait to see what the car’s owner does.


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