There is no doubt that there are people who should be banned from using a camera; They make us bleed our eyes whenever we see a selfie that they took and decide to share it in their networks.

Although it is also good that they do, so we can laugh a little or a lot at their expense.

1.- She wants to show off her elasticity and her new alarm ... and her glasses and her super heroine cloak and she has a phone. I hope they take it away.
2.- We do not know if he wanted to make an invisible spiderman suit or if he wanted to commit suicide ... how bad he did not succeed.
3.- The happiest birthday in the history of adults.
4. He thought that if he put the garden into the bathroom, he would not have to go out and prune it.
5.- He did all his party on the beach ... in the bathroom ...
6.- The most absurd photo in history, what is the relationship between Christmas, James Bond, a television and an oven at the same table, an extreme sportsman and troubadour?
7. Here, in the forest of a thousand acres, eating honey.

8.- You should sell mirrors for the patio ...

9 .- She wanted the most elastic picture in history, what she did not know is that number 1 had already done it.
10. The classic jokes to the drunk asleep.
11. Maybe she did not notice.
12.- The hairy chango ...
13.- Your grandmother would be proud to see your selfies in panties ...
14. He had never had a microwave, and he felt he had to boast.

What do you think is the worst selfie?


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