How far would you go to teach a child to be responsible? It is indeed important to do so since the children of today is the ones who will mold the future. But it seems that a man from Russia went too far to make a young boy learn a lesson. An unbelievable video of a Russian driver ramming into a shocked boy and then making him stay on his knees on the icy road until the police arrived emerged and went viral on the internet this week. The netizens all over the globe were debating on how shocking this video is.

The shocking incident took place in Priozyorsk, near St. Petersburg in northern Russia. At the beginning of the video, two boys can be seen playing with a toy gun by the road, when a black 4x4 takes a sharp turn and heads directly for the children and apparently targeting them for pointing the toy at the car. As the boys tries to escape, the driver named Vladimir Belsky targets the older-looking boy and eventually gets to hit him, sending the boy off the sidewalk and onto the road. Next thing we knew, the driver is seen getting out of the car and dragging the boy to his vehicle, before forcing him to kneel down and wait for the cops to arrive.

Apparently, the man was too angry with the boys for pointing a toy gun at him, and decided to ‘teach them a lesson’ by running over the boy and then hitting him, local outlet 47news reported, citing the Investigative Committee. When the cops finally arrived, they let the driver go and drove off with the child. All of it was seen on tape. The boy named Ivan Shchegolev was interviewed by 5TV.

 A medical check-up revealed that the boy had suffered a blow to the side of his head and a concussion. He is still trying to recover in the hospital.The Investigation Committee will look into why the police let the driver go while the suspect himself, Vladimir Belsky, a 54-year-old entrepreneur from Priozyorsk, is now facing criminal charges.The incident went viral as it got uploaded on the internet a few days later.



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