I still have no idea what some people have against deformed pets. It’s not like those cute little souls requested to be sent down here in that condition. It’s just like the disabled people. However, some people will treat disabled people with all the respect and love in the world but hate disabled pets. What the heck?!
Take the case of this little kitty. This cat’s front paws are deformed. He would sit on the street and “beg” people for some attention and food. But most people just walked past like they had seen nothing. Others would take one look at him and smirk as they shifted their gaze elsewhere. It really must have been a hell of a life for this innocent creature before this lady showed up. Sad!
But you realize that not everyone is so cold-hearted. When this lady spotted the struggling cat, her heart was overwhelmed with pity. She felt for the poor soul. Then and there, she decided to change this cat’s life forever. She was going to take him home with her, adopt him, and give him the best in life. She did just that!
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