After commandeering a Toyota Tacoma, an 18-year-old work release escapee led police on a high-speed chase in Louisiana which culminated in a massive crash

It might look like behind-the-scenes footage from a Michael Bay film or perhaps a Fast and Furious installment, but this is indeed a real-life police chase. And a stupidly scary one at that.
It all started in Webster Parish, Louisiana on Tuesday afternoon, when a stolen Toyota Tacoma was pulled over for speeding. While the driver spoke to the deputy, 18-year-old passenger Kevonte Dekorey Austin - who’d escaped from a work release programme - jumped into the driver’s seat and sped off.

Escaped Convict Launches Pickup Into The Air As Police Chase Ends In Most Michael Bay Way Possible - News
A chase that reached speeds of up to 115mph followed, ending when Austin hit a spike strip. After leaving the road, the Tacoma went down a ditch, exiting at a speed high enough to launch the pickup into the air. It landed in a restaurant car park onto another vehicle - which was occupied at the time.
Incredibly, neither Austin, nor Barbara Harlon - the occupant of the vehicle the Tacoma landed on - suffered serious injury. Austin and the original driver have been taken into custody.
Source: KSLA


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