Things were going smooth—until this happens!
Boobs: woman have them, and men want them. Some men even reach obsessive levels when it comes to breast size, and most women don’t understand why. The thing is, most women don’t realize that men’s borderline mania isn’t very complicated: they simply like boobs—a lot. That is probably one reason why the following video garnered millions of views!
In the video, a ‘big-breasted’ woman was having a new tattoo made on her right arm. Many netizens were quick to say, “She’s such a badass”, or “She’s beautiful and cool”, but wait until you finish the video.
Things were going smoothly, until the tattoo artist accidentally ‘touches’ the woman’s breast with his needle—and one of her boobs suddenly burst!
Apparently, the video was simply a prank, as the woman’s “boobs” were actually two balloons tucked under her shirt. Sorry to disappoint all the boys out there—but this video was meant to make us laugh!


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