He is also facing charges of attempted raped in Bohol.
A 40-year-old man was arrested by the police yesterday in a house owned by his live-in partner in Barangay Perrelos, Carcar City. Jonathan Marfe is the prime suspect in the rape and abduction of a 4-month-old baby, whose house was just 10 meters away from the where the suspect was apprehended.
According to police reports, Marfe is a native of Catigbian town in Bohol province, and recently came to Perrelos to move in with his partner, who was a native of the village. Police also added that Marfe is currently unemployed and a suspected drug user. In addition to that, Marfe is also facing charges of attempted rape in Bohol.

The father of the victim as well as other witnesses saw Marfe entering the home of the victim on the night she was abducted. The victim’s home had a mere curtain to serve as a door, making it easy for the suspect to enter and take the baby.
The baby was later found bloodied in a coconut field about 100 meters from her house. Physicians later said that the blood came from the lacerations in the victim’s sex organ which indicated that she had been raped.
The police are currently waiting for the result of the saliva swab taken from the suspect to check if it matched with the samples taken from the bottle of coconut wine, which was found next to the baby.
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