he literally gave a part of herself to save the child’s life.
In recent stories in the internet, we’ve seen nannies and babysitters physically abusing children. With this at hand, parents are getting more and more vigilant when hiring nannies. Some parents would prefer taking care of their own children than leaving them with strangers.
However, there are some nannies and the children they care for develop a bond similar to that of a parent and child. As a matter of fact, this story tells that of a nanny who literally gave a part of herself to save a child she was caring for.
22-year-old Kiersten Miles met this family in June of 2016 after she was recommended as a summer babysitter for their three children. She immediately developed an unbreakable bond with the three children, especially with the youngest child, Talia.
Just 3 weeks into the job, the college student from New Jersey found out that Talia was sick. She had a condition which meant she could die without a liver transplant. Talia was suffering from biliary atresia, which occurs when the liver’s ducts become backed up with bile, destroying cells and the liver itself.


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