They were both cared for in the same hospital, but their conditions couldn’t allow them to move and see each other.
If not all, many couples dream of being in a long-lasting relationship with their loved ones. Sadly, with the availability of divorce and marriage annulment, many couples easily break up and get into new relationships. With this at hand, we seldom see couples who grow old together, with their love growing stronger through thick and thin.

Mr and Mrs Feng have been married for 66 years, but still can’t get enough of each other. The dying husband, 92, said it was his last wish to meet his wife, 95, who was being cared for in the same hospital. Though they were close to each other, they didn’t get to meet for quite some time as they could no longer move on their own.
Mr Feng suffered from serious heart diseases and stayed at the Intensive Care Unit on the third floor; while his wife, who had bone fractures, was treated on the 14th floor at the Yingzhou People’s Hospital in Ningbo, China. However, apart from heart diseases, Mr Feng had Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome, and was kept alive by multiple machines. He then asked to let him meet his wife, before he told doctors to let him die.
Upon seeing his wife, Mr Feng became emotional and held her hand. He then told her to ‘Find him’.
Mrs Feng said to her husband: ‘I will take care of myself. After I recover, I will [go home] to find you.’
Two hours after their heartfelt reunion, Mr Feng passed away in their home.


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