She had to buy groceries for a few hours, and was shocked after she checked the cameras in their home!
The hardest job on this planet would probably being a mother and a wife. To make things a little harder, many mothers work to help in making money for the family. With this at hand, many children are often left at home with other family members—or there are some who would resort to hiring help.
Facebook user Kittie Beibie hired a housemaid to do household chores such as cooking food, cleaning their home, and doing the laundry.
While the help did all this, Kittie had time to attend to her baby. However, Kittie needed to buy groceries and step out for a while. She had to leave her baby and let the help take care of him while she was away for a two hours.

Kittie was shocked after seeing the CCTV footage in their room. The help can be seen hitting the baby as he wouldn’t stop crying. The maid forced the milk bottle on the boy, despite refusing to eat. The baby was wailing as the help started to wedge the baby’s legs between hers. She grew impatient with the baby and pushed him away instead.

The housemaid, identified by Kittie as Jovelyn Montero from Madrid, Surigao Del Sur in the Philippines, ran away from her employer’s house after the incident. According to Kittie, some things and clothes were also missing from their home.



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