She has beauty, brains, and a beautiful heart as well!
Though our parents love us more than anything else, they cannot give everything we want. Especially those who are financially incapable, like Miss Thailand’s mother. But despite their poverty, she did everything she could to give what her daughter needs, which Miss Thailand, Chalita Suansane, reciprocated by helping her mom as well.

Suansane helped her mom earn money by selling food in the streets—since she was just 4 years old! She was taught to be responsible at a very early age, which she brought into her adulthood. She shared a photo on Facebook, showing two pictures of her side-by-side. One picture showed the time when she was happily selling food in the streets, while the picture showed Miss Thailand in a beautiful, long gown.
Though her physical attributes have changed and improved greatly, she claims that she is still the same daughter who loves her mother, and is willing to do anything to help her.
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