We’ve all driven around aimlessly in a crowded parking spot, desperately looking for a parking spot. I don’t know about you, but to me, it feels like I’m always playing tricks on myself. I’ll see a potential parking spot and get really excited, only to realize that there’s just a really compact car already parked there. After what seems like hours, I’ll eventually find a spot… only to lose it to some idiot who just stole my space!

Deep down I really want to get out and scream at them. I want to let them know that they just stole my spot after hours of looking, but usually, I’ll take a deep breath and move on, unfortunately.
But after seeing this video below, I wish I was more like her! This amazing woman shows us how to play it cool while keeping your spot. Watch this insane move she pulls with her tiny red convertible when her parking spot gets swooped. She definitely got the last laugh!
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[Source: Cheng Deng]


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