Make This Glow Stick Nightlight And Enjoy Cheap Beautiful Light We are deep in the winter, and it gets dark pretty early. With the soaring energy bills, switching on the lights at 4 pm till bedtime may prove a bit expensive at the end of the month.
Most of the people use candles. However, they are not a safe option, especially where unruly children are present. Also, there is the constant worry that the candles may cause a fire if left unattended.
In the bid to avoid all the misery associated with winter and candles, here is a simple DIY project that will cost you less than $ 10. It is also a fun way of adding a glow to the kids’ room.

For the DIY project, you will need:
  • Glass jars/bottles
  • Packets of kids’ part glow sticks
Mason jars are an excellent substitute too. Wear a pair of gloves and use sharp scissors.
Snap one of the glowing sticks to get the chemical flowing. Cut through the one end and let the goo drip down inside the jars. The size of the jar will determine how many glow sticks will be used.
The jars are now ready for glowing. You can add some flowers as decorations on the inside. Lighting the jars offers a nice and muted glow all evening long.
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