Stop me if you’ve heard this one before, ‘girl offers an unsuspecting plumber a quickie? Sounds like the plot to every porn parody ever right? Wrong this actually happened, sort of. 
336 giphy 11 Girl Offers Plumber Oral Sex For His Services While His Girlfriend Watches
In fact the video was a social experiment from To Catch a Cheater and was made to test one unlucky plumber’s loyalty to his girlfriend who was in on the whole thing.
During the video a scantily clad woman desperately tries to seduce the plumber, who’s completely unaware he’s being filmed, while he tries his best to fix a sink and get the hell out of there.

When he finally tries to escape the house she pins him in a corner offering her ‘services’ while his girlfriend watches from a laptop elsewhere.
Thankfully the boy manages to stay loyal and tells the woman trying to seduce him in no uncertain terms: “Unfortunately I do have to go.”
His suspicious girlfriend can barely contain her glee when he leaves the building laughing that ‘we just harassed my boyfriend at work but I’m very happy, good job baby’.
693 cheater featured Girl Offers Plumber Oral Sex For His Services While His Girlfriend WatchesYouTube

The video’s been seen more than 260,000 times since it was uploaded just a day ago.
Fair play to the bloke for resisting temptation but we’re confused as to why at one point they label her a ‘crazy bitch’ seems a bit mean spirited to be honest…



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