Doctors say the cold weather might have been one of the causes of the stroke.
They say it is better to die happy doing something you love, than dying out of vain doing nothing. But this guy probably didn’t expect to lose his life doing something out of love. He died from a stroke while making love to his girlfriend.
The 22-year-old Taiwan man, identified only by his surname Huang, engaged in sex with his 20-year-old girlfriend, surnamed Fu, at around 5 am in the morning. Fu noticed that while making love, Huang started to sweat heavily and was having a hard time breathing.
“He then lost consciousness and fell on the bed with a loud thud,” Fu said.

Huang was promptly brought to the hospital but was declared dead on arrival. Doctors believe Huang died from a stroke or a heart attack, based on Fu’s statement. However, doctors are questioning whether the unusually cold weather temperatures may have played a role in his death.
Dr. Shih, head of Keelung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital’s emergency room, released a statement after the tragic incident, urging people to avoid strenuous sex when it is cold and to warm up with some exercise before being intimate.


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