There were more people who noticed than I expected!
How would you react if you see a half-nak*d model walking in one of the busiest streets in London? To see how the public reacts, MailOnline requested a bodypaint artist to paint a fake top on a model. The model was then sent out for 10 minutes of one of London’s busiest high streets—would anyone notice?
Body paint artist Sarah Ashleigh spent two hours painting the fake top on Kelly Klein for the MailOnline experiment. The brave model was then asked to stroll along London’s Kensington High Street to see how passers-by would react to her unusual outfit—then again, would anyone notice?
Behold! In just under ten minutes, men and women started looking her way after they noticed her rather ‘fitting’ shirt. At least 19 strangers were caught sneaking a peak at her uncovered bust as she swaggered down the street!
Kelly said: ‘It’s really cold. You feel very exposed at first. You forget but then with certain people’s reactions you remember that you’ve got no clothes on.’


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