She realized how her actions affected the people around her.
Today’s heroes are the OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) who sacrifice practically everything just for their families to survive. OFW’s leave the country in pursuit of a better life for their loved ones. They endure the times they are forced to be away from their family and friends and some even tolerate the abuse of their employers as long as they get their pay.
Lisa, and OFW, left her baby in the Philippines so she could work as a domestic helper in another country. While her own child misses her, she takes care of another person’s daughter. While her house is tended to by others, she takes care of another person’s home. Her sacrifices are endless, but her employer doesn’t see that.
Lisa’s employer treats her unfairly, not even allowing her to eat with them. But when the employer slapped Lisa when she accidentally spilled food on her, she didn’t realize her own daughter was watching.
Children mimic what adults do. They learn from what they see and hear from their parents. It is always advisable to show your children good deeds, so they may become good adults. However, since this employer showed violent actions towards the OFW, her child does THIS at school! Watch how things unfold


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