According to him, he did it to take revenge on animal lovers for this reason.
A live video on the Chinese micro-blogging site Weibo has caused online outrage after a user showed how he killed and butchered a little puppy. The unidentified man said that this was his way of ‘taking revenge’ on animal lovers.

The man said: ‘If there hadn’t been a group of animal lovers blocking the highway and causing traffic jam, I could be on my way to Beijing to see my dying relative.’
Apparently, the man said that he had arrived half an hour late at the hospital, narrowly missing the last chance to see the family member.
In the post, he claimed that the puppies were brothers and that ‘one is going to put on a show while the other will be sent to a pet shop’.
On January 16, the man released a set of four pictures, showing one of the puppies being strangled by a rope. A day after the horrific post, he then live-streams how he killed and butchered the little puppy with a scalpel.
The puppy’s limbs were tightly tied onto a rubber mat. Its mouth was wrapped in bandages. The man then cut open the puppy’s body using a scalpel. The pet cried in pain.
At one point of the video, the puppy’s rib cage, intestines and other internal organs were exposed.
Many netizens were disgusted and enraged—and wanted the man to pay for his crimes. Unfortunately, there are no any laws and regulations in China to ban people from live-streaming dissections on animals as long as the uploaders claim the video is broadcast for research or medical purposes.


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