Apparently, this isn’t the first time she tried to steal someone else’s baby.
34-year-old Yesenia Sesmas admitted that she had killed 27-year-old Laura Abarca-Nogueda before taking her 6-day-old baby Sophia.
Laura was shot dead at her Wichita apartment, while her baby Sophia was reported to be missing. Wichita police determined Friday that Sesmas, who once lived in Wichita, was a suspect in the case and that she had fled to Dallas with the newborn.
According to Sesmas, Laura had agreed to give up her daughter, but changed her mind last week after Sesmas arrived in Wichita. This prompted Sesmas to fire the gun, but claims she didn’t mean to kill Laura.
Detectives believe Sesmas has planned the crime elaborately, even faking a pregnancy for nine months. And on her ‘ninth month’, she went to Wichita to kill Laura and take Sophia.
Authorities searched a home in Dallas, Texas around 4:15 a.m. Saturday and arrested Sesmas. Sophia was found safe in the home.

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In a GoFundMe account, Laura has been described as a “vibrant, beautiful woman,” who loved her family and friends.


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