She sent $85,000 to a man she had never met.
In today’s generation, online dating has been in its peak as more and more people find “love” through online conversations. While most of them come out empty-handed, there are some people who successfully find their better halves online. But for this woman, she didn’t only come out heartbroken—her pockets came out empty too!
Many people live very busy lives nowadays and they tend to find the fastest way to look for a partner. They use dating apps to connect with people as they often believe the companies have some form of filter against fake accounts.
Social media platforms and dating apps such as Tinder, OKCupid and WeChat are gaining traction among scammers, who would previously scour mainly Facebook for victims.
Recently, a woman in her 40s ended up losing thousands of dollars after falling for a man she met on the internet.
At first, their ‘relationship’ was going smoothly, with constant conversations on social media. It was until a year later and $85,000 lost that the woman realized she was actually scammed.
Smitten with her “boyfriend”, she agreed to transfer about $22,000 to his bank account in China in the middle of last year when he said his father was sick. He said he needed to borrow the money to pay for the hospitalisation bills.
She sent it to him on three occasions over a month.


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