The hospital was also attacked, but the boy fortunately survived.
The war in Syria has left hundreds of thousands dead, and millions dying. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the scale of the nation’s war-ridden streets. After years of war, the country is left devastated, with countless lives struggling to survive. Sadly, children are the most affected by how their country is at war.
After Omran’s picture went viral (, the world is slowly opening their eyes to the devastation the war has caused Syria’s people. Women and children are killed by the hour, while others die trying to rescue every human possible.
IN a video posted online by the Syria Charity which is based in France, a boy can be seen crying and wailing after being rescued from an alleged chemical attack.
“I was watching warplanes,” explained the boy, who looked no older than 10. He then saw the plane drop something which exploded in a yellowish smoke. He cried in fear and asked the nurse, “Will I die miss?”
The incident happened in the Ard al-Hamra neighborhood in Aleppo, the charity said, but the video was being shared widely on social media today.
But if things couldn’t get worse for this young victim, the charity said the hospital where he was being treated was suddenly struck in another attack. Luckily, he survived.
“Everything is fine with the child, we will visit him very soon,” Wadah Seddikh, the charity’s economic director, told CNN via email.



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