(I’m in line to pay. Customer #1 in front of me is about in his 4os, and very well-dressed in a suit and tie. Customer #2 in front of him seems to be a single mother with her child. I’m pretty shabbily dressed (day off); wearing only faded jeans, an old, novelty Star Wars shirt, and have my long hair almost covering my eyes.)

Customer #1: “Lady, can you hurry up! Some people are important and actually have places to be!”
(Customer #2 is fumbling with her money. In her cart she only has basic groceries and what appears to be a birthday cake for her child. She mumbles something about not having enough money, and decides to leave the cake behind.)
Customer #1: “Don’t waste everyone’s time if you can’t even pay for your s***! Or maybe you need another government handout that comes from my taxes?!”
(At this point, I feel like I’ve got to step in.)
Me: “Hey man, that’s enough!”
Customer #1: “Who do you think you are? I’ll have you know I’m a director at a large shipping company, and no one ever talks to me like that.”
(Suddenly, I become much more respectful.)
Me: “I’m so sorry, sir. I had no idea you were so important. Would you mind if I asked you for your business card?”
(Customer #1 smugly hands me his card. I see he is, indeed, who he says he is.)
Me: “And here’s my business card.”
Customer #1: “Why the h*** would I want your—”
(Customer #1 suddenly goes pale, as he notices that I am the cofounder of the same large shipping company.)
Me: “Now that I know your name, I’ll be sure to phone your supervisor to ensure you’re put on probation. One more act like this and you’re fired.”
(Customer #1 stammers for a bit, before practically running from the store. I end up paying for the mother’s cake, and even gave them a bit extra to buy the kid any toy from the store.)


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