According to him, the apartment they gave him was ‘too small’.
No matter how hard life can be, our parents try to make ends meet and give us what they can. In our entire lives, they work hard while giving us an easy life. Though they may not be able to give us what we want all the time, they surely give us what we need. But for this ungrateful man, he believes he deserves MORE than what his parents gave him for his wedding.
An unnamed man brutally attacked a couple on a road in Harbin, north east China. When posted on Chinese social media, the video immediately went viral, with many Chinese netizens criticizing the man for being selfish—because apparently, the couple he was beating were actually his parents! According to the police report, the man was furious because the apartment his parents gave him for his wedding present was ‘too small’.

Appalled and shocked passersby tried to stop the man, but he continued to attack his parents. All the couple could do was to cover their heads and faces against the attack, but never fought back against their selfish son.
When people were able to break the attack, police came and took him into custody. They are seen pursuing the son down the road before pinning him down until police arrive. Police brought the man back to the station where he revealed to them why he was so angry at his mom and dad.



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