Don’t let other people kiss your children on the lips—it can be deadly!
Toddlers and babies, especially newborns, are very vulnerable to viruses and bacteria. Parents should be wary about how others ‘handle’ their babies. Though it is advisable that parents be with their children at all times, relatives and friends wanting to carry or play with the baby is inevitable. So, let this article be a warning to all parents out there, to take precaution when letting other people kiss your babies, especially on the lips.

avina French-Bell is now raising awareness against kissing toddlers and babies, after her 3-year-old daughter Sienna Duffield contracted Herpes from simply kissing a family member. Sienna started having painful blisters that bled all over her clothes and beddings—a truly shocking and painful thing to see as a mother.
For 8 months, the virus continued to ravage Sienna’s face, worsening as days pass. According to Savina, nothing worked to clear up the child’s skin. It was only in the past few months that the child was slowly healing and recovering. Hopefully the virus won’t return.
Don’t allow your children to be kissed by other people—whether they are friends or family!



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