There are certain videos you’ll watch that can change your outlook on something entirely, so if you’re a fan of watching popping videos you might actually want to skip this one. This video features a young child suffering from one of the worst facial abscess’ I’ve ever seen, and you can just tell by looking at her face how painful it was for her. There’s no telling why it was allowed to grow that size in the first place, whether or not the parents could afford proper medical attention before this was recorded is still unknown but it’s a possibility.
Luckily a doctor was finally able to see her and immediately knew it needed to blow. Everything that was building up under the skin was only going to get worse and eventually wouldn’t allow her to chew. It didn’t take much to pop the initial growth, but the moment they do a river of blood and puss begins to pour from that poor child’s face.

If there was ever a person who could understand what relief truly means it’s this little kid. Could you imagine the pain she must have felt every time she went to eat or drink anything? Finally having that monstrosity cleaned out must have felt like a whole new world at that point!



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