This story might make you believe in fate. Phoenix, AZ, teacher Jodi Kacz has been teaching for years. Kacz loves children, but due to a heart condition, she is unable to have any of her own.
She always knew that she and her husband would adopt. In fact, Kacz often found herself volunteering in orphanages in Mexico.
Then there was Orlando Pena. He was born in the U.S., but was later taken to Mexico. Eventually, he ended up in an orphanage there, and every night he would wish someone would take him back to America where he belonged.
Kacz was once assigned to volunteer at the orphanage where Orlando lived, but due to her heart issue, she had to cancel the trip.
Flash forward to 2014. Orlando was moved into foster care in the U.S. Kacz, meanwhile, was working as a reading-intervention teacher. It was as though fate were pushing the two together again when Orlando was placed in her class.
Kacz paid attention to Orlando. He was a hard-working, charismatic fourth-grader. The 45-year-old always dreamed of adopting a son like him.
“I used to always tell my husband, ‘There’s a kid at school, and if I could adopt, I would adopt a kid just like him,’” Kacz told 13 News.
Then one day, Orlando’s best friend pulled Kacz aside. He told her that Orlando was in foster care. Then Kacz instantly knew.
“I had no idea this beautiful child I fell in love with was up for adoption,” she said. “Eventually, I said, ‘This is meant to be. This connection I feel is from above.’”
This November, she made it official: Kacz adopted Orlando on National Adoption Day. Everything they had both wished for came true.
“He is so overjoyed he’s with my husband and I, that he finally found his forever home,” Jodi said. “He tells me I’m the mom he always wished for.”

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