Dr. Mauricio Heilbron, Jr has a hospital in Dan Pedro, California. One thing, for sure, is that he’s a busy man, but sometimes things get busier than he can even imagine. The story here will baffle you
Just when the doctor thought things were finally cooling off after a hectic day, something happened suddenly that drove the gear up by many levels. It was a baby’s delivery that has now brought about this video. As Mauricio narrated to the Untold Stories in 2005, he had no idea what was actually happening when he first heard a sharp scream from a lady in the delivery room. And then it happened!
He heard some running footsteps footing towards the delivery room. Apparently, a lady was in labor and almost giving birth, but no one could’ve guessed that it was already time. The next thing was a real shocker. If not for the doctor’s quick action, the baby would never have survived. The newborn had flown out into the air, and only the doctor’s quick reaction to receive the little one in his arms saved the day.
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