Onions are a healthy and amazing vegetable. They are a variety of different kinds of onions, and it’s important to know the differences in order to pair properly with the meal you are trying to create. Use the wrong kind of onion in a particular meal and you could ruin it entirely!
Here we have Chef Buck who will navigate us through the wonderful world of onions! He will show us the positives and negatives of each kind of onion, while showing us how to properly cook onions so they become the most effective for the meal we are attempting to create.
Yellow Onion
Positives: These are priced cheap and they can be found year round.
Negatives: Zero!
Cooking Uses: These are really universal onions and you can get away with using them for just about anything. Soups and salads both qualify, as well as practically any dish in between. Having said that, they do work best for caramelizing as they are high in sugar, and taste absolutely great!

Sweet Onion
Positives: They are mild tasting when consumed raw. They also go great with a variety of recipes.
Negatives: Their shelf life is short.
Cooking Uses: Slow cookers are great for these onions. They pair well with tomatoes and potatoes, and are excellent both raw and cooked.
White Onion
Positives: Flavor is sharp and for cooking they are very versatile.
Negatives: Their skin is thin, and when you chop them, the impact they have on the eyes is very powerful. Instant tears!
Cooking Uses: Latin cooking uses white onions to great effect. Salsas, guacamole, tacos, are all ideal choices for the white onion. Pair it with gentle flavors as the strong and raw white onion taste is indeed powerful on it’s own. They work excellent on pizza as well.
Bonus: Shallot
Positives: Taste is mild, but with hints of garlic.
Negatives: The are expensive.
Cooking Uses: Work great for a side when cooking fancier meals and major feasts. Work well for Asian-style cuisines also. Consider using for holiday pot roasts, and Thanksgiving turkey dinners.
Check out this video to learn more important onion tips and techniques which will make your meals fantastic!
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