It’s been a little over two days since Donald J. Trump was elected to be the next President of the United States and it’s safe to say these next four years aren’t going to be easy. Even if you ignore 99% of all policy changes Trump wants to do there’s still massive amounts of outrage oozing from a large portion of the general population. There have been protests and crying galore, but apparently Americans aren’t the only ones feeling disappointed with the results.
Many of you may be aware that Trump has promised to build a wall dividing the United States and Mexico as though the Berlin Wall weren’t torn down for a reason, but the soon-to-be President has promised the Mexican government would be fronting the bill. This may sound odd at first, especially since the meeting he held with Enrique Peña Nieto before the election came out in disaster. Nieto has denied any plans of paying for such a huge construction project, but Trump was doing a little more than asking.
According to his plans, if the Mexican government refuses to pay for the wall he could tax the money being sent into Mexico by those working in the US. He could also make it near impossible to get a visa (or more expensive) to start an “immigration embargo” until the wall is fully paid for. Well, the cartels aren’t a fan of that idea either.
According to the encrypted text messages received by a top Trump aid, someone from the Sinaloa and/or Suaréz Cartels have threatened Trumps life. Here’s one of the texts:
“This man who has bought his way to becoming American President will rue the day he used the dignity of the Mexican people to further himself.”
It could easily be stated that Trump did use the Mexicans as a tool for he election, but it can also be stated that something current needs to change. The Cartels just don’t feel he’s the right man for the job:
“He will renounce his Hellish proposition to build such a wall. Or we will cut off the head of the snake.”
Isn’t this the type of thing that CAUSES people to wind up racist?
It’s because of tweets and comments like that which have cemented a racist image on the orange man himself, though many have claimed it’s simply due to him no verbal filter or not caring to use one. Whatever the reason may be, (the guy legitimately believes he’s out to make America great again) he’s found himself on the receiving end of a group of dangerous criminals’ ire. With how many billions he’s got stored up for a rainy day I doubt security would be an issue even if the Secret Service couldn’t be trusted (which they can, this isn’t The Purge).
Whether the Cartels are against Trump for his immigration policies or a more sinister reason cannot safely be stated without more knowledge, but with Obama’s weak stance on stopping them versus Trump’s hard stance it’s no wonder why they’re upset. The problem is that violence begets more violence, just as ignorance and hatred produce more ignorance and hatred. If the cartels wanted to solidify the idea of a border wall threatening public officials is a surefire way to get it done…



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