Many homeless people have nothing to eat for days. These people are left to starve in the streets to the extent that some of them even scavenge for food in garbage bins. While most of us waste food every day, they struggle to at least get one bite of food and a sip of water even at least once a day.
A drive-thru customer at McDonald’s films a very rude scene caused by one of the employees. The employee teases a homeless man with a burger, seeing how hungry the man was. Thinking it was a sincere act of kindness, the homeless man approaches the employee and was about to take the burger—when the employee suddenly throws a drink at the homeless man’s face.
There was no apparent reason behind the employee’s actions, but many netizens are dismayed and angry at how he acted. The homeless man wasn’t able to do anything but to walk away after being humiliated and discriminated against.
Somebody should teach this guy a lesson—or two!


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