Everyone knows that we have laws for the road to help keep them safe, but we also know there are more than a few people on the road that simply shouldn’t be. Whether they just assume laws aren’t made for them or they just don’t think about it is irrelevant, the end result is never pretty. It’s even worse when this particular type of accident occurs because of how brutal the results, which you’ll see for yourself in the video below. For whatever reason this SUV driver decided to take an off-ramp going much faster than he needed to be and wound up careening over the edge. The driver was going so fast that the car flipped over the median and again over a car before coming to a halt, and this incredible dash-can footage captured it all!
If anything this should help people realise the dangers of not paying attention on the road but if history has taught us anything it’s that there will always be at least one idiot who won’t get the message.

Luckily it doesn’t appear as though the driver suffered from any serious injuries in this brush with death, but at the very least he’ll probably take those ramps a bit slower from now on! Have you ever seen an accident this brutal that has hardly anything come from it? I wish they were all like that.


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