He goes on and says the urine makes the fruits ‘fresh and clean’.
In a busy market in China, a man was seen urinating on fruits in one stall. In the 2-minute-long footage, the man is seen urinating all over the fruits sold in one stall, despite attempts of many bystanders to stop him.
At one point in the video, a man even approached him, telling him to stop what he was doing—but it was all in vain. The disgusting man continued to go on with his business, even saying his pee would make the fruits ‘fresh and clean’.
In the video, a woman feeding her child can be seen and is believed by many netizens to be the stall owner. The woman can be seen pulling her child away whenever she tried to look at the man. It was obvious that the woman simply didn’t want her child to see the man’s disgusting act and decided to just let him be.
After finishing his ‘business’, he simply and calmly walked away as if nothing happened. He even returned to the stall and sat on one of the chairs without a care.
I feel sorry for the store owner, knowing she won’t be able to sell those fruits anymore.



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