Prostitution is seen as both a good and bad thing by many different people for a lot of valid reasons. The people who view it as bad state that it undermines traditional family values and also that it places the men and women working in a great deal of danger. The people who view it as a good thing argue that with proper regulation the dangers could be largely avoided and that sex is a natural human urge, so why not? There are more than a few places where it’s already legal, Zimbabwe being one of them, though they definitely don’t have the type of regulations on it that first-world countries would call for. That’s more than likely one of the factors as to why twenty-eight-year-old Moses Mushonga was brutally beaten by a Zimbabwean prostitute the other day!

While out for a day in Mvurwi in the Mashonaland province, Moses came across a young prostitute he wanted to hire. The only problem was that he didn’t have any money to spend on a hooker, but he did have a couple of hard boiled eggs… Initially he attempted to talk her up, and when that wasn’t working decided to grab one of her boobs. Thinking he was about to be a customer she asked him if he’d like to pay for a round, to which he eagerly agreed. She just wasn’t expecting him to offer a couple of eggs!
The surprise and utter disrespect for her caused her to flip. She grabbed a nearby beer bottle and began beating Moses in the head with it right alongside her fist! She ended up knocking him out, but when he came to it was decided not to press charges and that she just could have said no.



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